The life and work studios measure up to 100m2 and they each come with a private bathroom. The studios have fantastic daylight conditions, a terrace or a south-facing balcony. There is high-speed WIFI available and comfortable seating, a desk, and a round bed for which all bedding is provided.  The studios are lockable and 24/7 accessible

The kitchen, the dining room, the library, and the gallery are common spaces. They are shared and function as meeting places for mentors, artists, guests and residents alike. Teamwork and collaboration often begin in the kitchen and are extended into the creative sphere. Breakfast is provided.

For art professionals

Centrally located in Europe, in the heart of the vibrant city of Tilburg in the South of the Netherlands, you experience a gift of time and space. At AiR Tilburg Netherlands you aim at developing your practice further.

The focus is on you and your professional work. During your stay, you have the opportunity to produce, develop, question, connect or conduct research into your practice. SEA Foundation offers art professionals excellent accommodation and much sought after, dedicated mentoring.

Image gallery

Garden at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands Residence Artists
Garden at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands Residence Artists
Garden at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands Residence Artists
Studio view at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands Residence Artists

Additional information for residents

Prepare for your stay at AiR Tilburg
Residency preparations
When you come well prepared, you’ll enjoy your Artist in Residency and dedicated work time at SEA foundation even more.
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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FAQ for AiR Tilburg residents
If you have a question regarding the residency program or the application procedure, there’s a good chance you will find the answer here.
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Hillside Projects | THEY WHO WERE
29.04. – 05.06.2021
The solo exhibition by Hillside Projects (Emily Berry and Jonas Böttern), a Swedish artist duo, deals with the intertwining of nature and man.
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Nina van de Ven | Inspired by Ethnography and Popculture
Nina van de Ven, artist in residence at Cove Park, Scotland
Nina van de Ven focuses on the topic of non-Western objects in Western museums of Ethnology. During the Cove Park residency, she aims to uncover questions on appropriation, validation and responsibility. Text by Marieke Folkers
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EUROPALIA ROMANIA | by Lieselotte Egtberts
Cyprian Mureşan | Virginia Lupo
The 2019 edition of EUROPALIA, Belgium’s multiple cities cultural festival, pays particular attention to Romania. Lieselotte Egtberts highlights the works of Ciprian Mureşan in Ghent and Virginia Lupu in Aalst, Belgium.
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