In a tranquil environment that is centrally located in the heart of Tilburg in the South Netherlands, you are able to experiment, discover and produce. At AiR Tilburg Netherlands you can focus on developing your practice further. Connect to peers, critics, and writers. The focus is on you and your professional work. During your stay as one of our residents, you get the opportunity to develop, question and conduct research into your practice. Since the world we live in today is in constant flux and does not always leave enough room for autonomous artistic development, dedicated time and focus on your practice is both valuable as its a necessity.

Duration and funding

Duration: 1 week up to 3 months.
Fully funded, co-funded and self-funded residency available


SEA Foundation offers the residents excellent live and work facilities.  The live and work studio’s measure up to 100m2 and they each come with private bathrooms. The studios have fantastic daylight conditions, a terrace or a south facing balcony. There is high speed WIFI and comfortable seating, a desk, a round bed for which all bedding is provided. Office facilities with printers and risograph printer may also be used.

The Studios are secure, 24/7 accessible and lockable. The kitchen, the dining room, the library and the gallery are common spaces. They are shared and function as meeting places for mentors, artists, guests and residents alike. Teamwork and collaboration often begins in the kitchen and are extended into the creative sphere. Breakfast is provided.

Additional information for residents

Prepare for your stay at AiR Tilburg
Residency preparations
When you come well prepared, you’ll enjoy your Artist in Residency and dedicated work time at SEA foundation even more.
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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FAQ for AiR Tilburg residents
If you have a question regarding the residency program or the application procedure, there’s a good chance you will find the answer here.
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Previous Residents

Membership & Patronage for SEA Foundation
Make a difference and help too
Patrons and members of SEA Foundation are a great support to our work and show a keen interest in the progress of all aspects of our activities. Become a patron or a member.
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Sally Tape | A Dialogue Between Art and Architecture
01.03.2019 – 07.04.2019
Solo Exhibition
Australian artist Sally Tape shows her newly produced works created during her residency at SEA Foundation, as well as an overview of her previous work. The relation between space, time and motion are central themes in Tape’s work.
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Iwona Rozbiewska | Artist Talk
Public lecture by Michel Ottens
Iwona Rozbiewska talks about her work and residency at SEA Foundation. She discusses exploring the boundaries of objecthood and the relation between materiality and meaning. Michel Ottens from Utrecht University introduces the evening.
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Iwona Rozbiewska | The Tales That Follow
Solo Exhibition
14.12.2018 – 08.02.2019
Polish artist Iwona Rozbiewska (1980) shows a newly produced sculpture and an in-situ installations created during her residency at SEA Foundation.
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Timotheus Tomicek | i.c. with Eline Kersten
Half a Life
18.03 – 22.04.2018
A solo exhibition by Austrian artist Timotheus Tomicek in collaboration with Eline Kersten.
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Jon Tarry | Artist in Residence
March – April 2019
Resident from UK | Australia
The work of the British/Australian artist Jon Tarry tests ideas about the prosaic, political and poetic, in the form of sculpture, drawing, film and sound. His work explores art and architectural conditions as a comparative investigation of spatial intelligence.
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Sally Tape | Artist in Residence
February | March 2019
Resident from Australia
Sally Tape reflects on the physical space of traveling and architecture. The links between architecture, minimalism and movement are a central theme within her artistic practice. 2019 Australian Artist in Residence at SEA Foundation Netherlands
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Iwona Rozbiewska | Artist in Residence
November | December 2018
Iwona Rozbiewska
The Polish artist Iwona Rozbiewska works on two in-situ installations, resulting from her research into objects, materials, and the perception of their usefulness.
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Mila Lanfermeijer | Artist in Residence
October | November 2018
Mila Lanfermeijer
Mila Lanfermeijer, an emerging artist from Amsterdam develops brand new works for her solo-exhibition. She explores the possibilities of costume as a sculptural medium and canvas.
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Hans Overvliet | Artist in Residence
September | October 2018
Hans Overvliet
Artist is Residence, Dutch artist Hans Overvliet elaborates on his ongoing project Distant Suffering (2013-). In this project, Hans Overvliet approaches the representation of war in contemporary mass-media from a critical perspective.
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Yelena Popova | Artist in Residence
July | August 2018
Yelena Popova
During her residency at SEA Foundation, the Russian/British artist Yelena Popova works on a joint project with the Belgian artist An Onghena and the Dutch artist Katrein Breukers. In the resulting multimedia installations, three realms explore the concepts of sculptural space (figures) and performative possibilities (routines).
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Iben Bach Elmstrøm | Visiting program
June 2018
Curator visiting program
Iben Bach Elstrøm is a Copenhagen based curator. She visits artists’ studios and meets cultural workers from institutions in the Noord Brabant region.
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Lucandrea Baraldi | Experiential Landscapes
April/May 2018
Resident from Italy, based in Eindhoven
Lucandrea Baraldi explores further the development of his theory on Experiential Landscapes.
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Christel Vesters | Curator in Residence
March / May 2018
Resident from The Netherlands
Christel Vesters’s research project “Touch/Trace” brings together artists, textile designers, craftsmen, writers and thinkers.
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Catherine Hemelryk | Curator in Residence
February 2018
Resident from United Kingdom
Curator in Residence, Catherine Hemelryk is London based and Artistic Director of NN Contemporary in Northampton
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Sidney Aelbrecht | Artist in Residence
October – November 2017
Resident from Belgium
Antwerp visual artist and musician Sidney Aelbrecht works on a new body of work AiR Tilburg
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Janet Chan | Artist in Residence
October 2017
Resident from Australia
Artist in Residence 2017, Australian artist Janet Chan from Sydney works st SEA Foundation during the month October 2017
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Valeria Ceregini | Curator in Residence
October 2017
Resident from Italy
Curator in Residence September 2017 and April-May 2018. She is an Italian curator, art critic, and researcher from Turin.
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Johanna Caplliure | Curator in Residence
June – July 2017
Resident from Spain
Curator in Residence 2017, Spanish curator from Valencia works st SEA Foundation
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SangJun Yoo | Artist in Residence
May – June 2017
Resident from South Korea
Artist in Residence 2017, South Korean artist SangJun Yoo researches his practice and works on a group exhibition
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Junsheng Zhou | The Clouds in Rapids
May – 2017
Work in situ
Artist in residence 2017, Chinese artist Junsheng Zhou researches his practice and works on a group exhbition
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Eloisa Ibarra | Artist in Residence
May – June 2017
Resident from Uruguay
Artist in Residence 2017, Uruguayan artist Eloisa Ibarra researches her practice and develops concepts for future art works
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Vanessa Brazeau | Artist in Residence
June – September 2017
Resident from Canada
Performance artist Vanessa Brazeau join the AiR programme at SEA Foundation from June – September 2017 in Tilburg-
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European project | Partnership with Cove Park
Residency exchanges 2019 – 2020
Collaboration with Cove Park: a Scottish multidisciplinary Artist in Residence near Glasgow. Together with 8 institutions throughout Europe, we partake in cultural exchanges with Scotland. 
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Jens Standke | Transparant Tape Machine
Media artist Jens Standke debutes his new work Transparent Tape Machine in solo exhibition on conceptual music.
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Open Call Fellowship | 2019-2020 residency program
Deadline: The open call for 2019/2020 is closed.
SEA Foundation invited curators, visual artists and writers to apply for a residency in 2019/2020. For some selected candidates, there are fellowships available
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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Claudia de la Torre | BackBoneBooks
Back Bone Books
Emerging Mexican artist Claudia de la Torre exhibits her reworked books in publications and installations in Back Bone Books
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Freja Niemann Lundrup’s sculptures | by Marieke Folkers
An Outside for the Inside
Through her stone sculptures the Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup aims to visualise the internal psychological processes of the body. At SEA Foundation she focuses on the ‘Unheimlich’ in relation to horror and trauma in the body.
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How to Make An Art | Dakota Havard
01.05.2019 – 19.05.2019
Collaborative art project
Artist Dakota Havard invited eleven other artists into his home and studio, to spend the day together and share their insights and practices. The outcomes of the experimental and personal project are presented in a group exhibition at SEA Foundation on 17, 18, 19 May 2019.
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Freja Niemann Lundrup | Artist in Residence
Freja Niemann Lundrup | Artist in Residence
Emerging Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup explores how psychological processes are stored in the body, specifically related to trauma, horror and the ‘Unheimlich’.
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Jens Standke – artist’s book
A tape runs on in silence – how to record Tilburg
Book launch. The artist’s book is produced during Jens Standke’s stay as Artist in Residence in Tilburg.
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Jens Standke | A tape runs on in silence
08.09 – 15.10.2016
A tape runs on in silence
Exhibition. Jens Standke emerging media artist solo at SEA Foundation, a large scale audio visual installation, collaborative project with Das Esszimmer from Bonn Germany
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sea_youhere | Virtual Vitrine
Edition 2019
Virtual Vitrine | sea_youhere
SEA Foundation’s project sea_youhere is an online-residency and a window that aims to share knowledge of artists and curators from all over the world.
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Maartje Wortel
Goudvissen en Beton
Book launch. Maartje Wortel Writer in Residence, she stayed at SEA Foundation and was invited by TiLT festival Tilburg 2016
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Simon Carter
Simon Carter Paintings
The way Simon Carter works in  proximity of his home, a labour intensive way of productions, he uses a restricted pallet
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Annelies Verbeke
Book launch of the short story “Vogeltjes” Verbeke wrote as Writer in Residency at SEA Foundation in 2015 at TiLT festival Tilburg
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Steye Felix
Goodbye to my Imaginary Friends
Steye Felix frequently ventures out on different paths, leading him to music, soundscapes, installations, even needlework and most recently glass.
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Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer
Van Weemoed naar de Nacht
Book Launch. Short story Pfeijffer wrote as Writer in Residency at SEA Foundation when invited by TiLT festival Tilburg
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Thomas Braida | Toads swallow fireflies, the gods eat everything
Toads swallow fireflies
Thomas Braida comes from the North Eastern part of Italy Gorizia, He completed his training at the Venetian academy of Visual Arts.
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Bram Braam | Artist in Residence
February 2014
Resident from Netherlands | Germany
During his Residency at AiR Tilburg, Bram Braam created the ongoing and ever changing installation How long is now? Transition of structures.
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Costin Chioreanu
Costin Chioreanu, known today as one of the most talented designers of the avant-metal and dark psychedelia.
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