Summer School | International artists meeting


Summer School for international artists

Veronika Christine Draxler studio
Veronika Christine Draxler installation in her studio 2020

Network event

Relevance of residencies

Thursday, August 27, nine international artists paid a visit to SEA Foundation Tilburg. This visit was part of the Summer School, organized by The Artist And The Others in collaboration with Kunstpodium T. The participants stopped by SEA for an afternoon filled with many different topics within the field of residencies. Together with our colleagues Gastatelier Leo XIII and Witte Rook, we discoursed various aspects that come with a residency.

We discussed, among other things, the different types of residencies that Pascal Gielen describes in his book ‘Contemporary Artist Residencies: Reclaiming Time and Space’. Gielen refers to these four ‘types’ as ‘chronotopies’. In addition, we talked about the selection of a residency, the application, and the stay. Due to the growing popularity of residencies, a central topic this afternoon was therefore to critically examine the relevance of a residency for one’s practice.

Summer School

Summer School focuses on new ways of acquiring knowledge for artists and allows them to focus on their profession. The program is based on getting to know the Dutch art scene, discussing relevant topics, connecting emerging artists, and to meet and talk with key stakeholders. With this, the organization aims to allow participants to develop as professional artists and to activate and enrich their professional network. During a period of 5 days, they followed a program put together by Kunstpodium T. During this program they learned about specific and relevant professional topics that are not covered by many current art academy curricula. SEA Foundation underlines the importance of building a new network for emerging artists and therefore was pleased to participate in this project.

Participating artists

Janina Totzauer (Germany), Judith Reijnders (The Netherlands), Lina Zylla (Germany), Maud Fassen (The Netherlands), Anna Puschel (Belgium), Cindy van Woudenberg (The Netherlands), Janneke Swaen (The Netherlands), Veronika Christine Dräxler (Germany) and Quinny Schreurs (The Netherlands).

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