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Vanessa Brazeau, Studio Selfie, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017

Vanessa Brazeau “Selfie in the Studio” 2017

by Riet van Gerven


100% succesful for
SEA Foundation’s
Artist in Residence






Crowdfunding success

Artist in Residence Tilburg the Netherlands has reached 100% success at the Spring 2017 crowdfunding campaign at the TilburgvoorCultuur website. The crowdfunding campaign was dedicated to make it possible that more great art and young artists enter the city of Tilburg.

Now we are able two emerging artists to come over to Tilburg for 2 months. We asked Canadian youth champion wrestler and artist Vanessa Brazeau, who holds an MA fine art from Weimar University, to come over in June and July 2017 to work and live in The Netherlands. She is expected to double check our health and heart beat for the arts.

And we’ve invited the Belgian painter Sidney Aelbrecht to be Artist in Residence in October and November 2017. Sidney used to be a car mechanic and now holds an MA fine art from LUCA School of Art in Antwerp. He engages in painting the Tilburg landscape and constructs a sound installation so we can experience the visual art better.

Vanessa and Sidney agreed to be Ambassadors for the visual arts and for SEA foundation’s crowdfunding campaign. That’s very cool too.

A huge thank you to all donators that donated on the Tilburg city crowdfunding platform “Tilburg voor Cultuur” website. We are very proud that donators from all over the world helped from to making this crowdfunding campaign for the Artist in Residence Project possible. Thanks you for your generosity.

And don’t forget ….
If you would like to make a gift to SEA Foundation, please visit our SEA Foundation donations page. We welcome your donation.

Vanessa Brazeau, The Solution Mat, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Vanessa Brazeau, Prison Body, former juvenile prison in Weimar, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Vanessa Brazeau, Ideogging, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017