Susana López | Playlist on Spirit


Susana López | Playlist on Spirit

Susana Lopez a.k.a Susan Drone playlist on Spirit 2023
Susana López a.k.a Susan Drone, Sonic Spirit, 2023







This playlist is part of SEA Foundation’s long-term programme on art and sustainability. The work is part of a series of commissioned works and as such linked to the Epilogue in fold #08 on Spirit.


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Susana López
a.k.a. Susan Drone
Playlist on Spirit

Thought, imagination, is an action through which realities are brought into existence. He who imagines the non-existent opens a path, opens a new path along which others can travel,
and unfolds the forms that are potentially in the Universe. Whoever imagines, and transforms the universe, what is imagined becomes existing and makes it easier for other men or women, anywhere in the world, to visualize that image.

The universe is contained in the heart of the human being and its possibilities are as many as you imagine. To imagine is to deploy the knowledge already contained in the seed of the
heart. When creating, the human being reveals, reveals himself and gives existence to his potentialities of which he is a unique container.

To find this jewel of light, the human being has a precision tool: The spiritual will, the concentrated force of Intention. The creative intention is like a sharp and precise knife that treads a path, making its way between the veils of the different layers. These become increasingly subtle as you move towards the heart center. The intention is like the accurate gaze that guides the archer’s arrow to reach the center of the target, guiding in the direction of the core.

By looking at the forms with the divine eye of Imagination, the essences or Treasures are brought into existence.

“So you only get rid of the forms by attracting new ones.”

The artistic form is a container of the “Treasure” and the artist a wine pourer, exhaling the aromas and offering the intoxicating liquor. The artist, the creator in any of his particularities, assumes a role as a pourer of Treasures stored in forms, smells, flavors, and colors. Colors that are also treasure chests.

Rhythm is essential and chromatic series, repetitions, and symmetries contribute to creating an oscillating sonic continuum. Long crimped chains that provide an idea of infinity.

Music and creative expression induce the revelation and harmonization of internal colors, and thus contributes to the transformation of the pilgrim into a being of Light.

The traveler must cross the different veils of colors, love them to reach them, forget them to access an even more radiant Beauty, “until finally, you travel in the light”. These veils are
wonderful dimensions of the being that must also be transcended.

The creative imagination – Ibn Arabi

Sonic Spirit


Susana López a.k.a. Susan Drone is a sound and visual Artist based in Murcia (Spain). She has been composing experimental, electronic, ambient, dark ambient, drone, and post-minimalist music since 2009. She completed an MA in Sonology in 2013. In her practice Susana utilizes field recordings, electronics, and layers of vocal harmonics, creating dense clouds of hypnotic sound. Susana López uses hybrid methodologies, combining analogue and digital elements, using voices, field recordings, handmade instruments, synthesizers, and drum machines. Her works allow the listener to enter into a form of trance, generating a mantra that makes it possible to reach other sensory experiences. Susana López released eight albums amongst them Stupor Mundi (2023, Vestíbulo); The Edge of the Circle (2022, Elevator Bath); Crónica de un secuestro (2020, Elevator Bath).

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