Syzygy collective | Artist in residence


Syzygy collective | Artist in residence

Body Tide, Syzygy Collective
Body Tide, Syzygy Collective, 2023




Original text by Cas-co / Off the Grid


The exhibition by Syzygy
during VAEFE II film event
Body Tide | WARP #10


This collaboration is part
of SEA Foundations’ longer-term
research of art and sustainability
fold #07 on Solidarity



Expanding on the collaboration with the Off the Grid / Cas-co, in Leuven, as a part of our joined program Acts of Care: Solidarity and Empowerment, SEA Foundation will host a residency of an artistic duo SYZYGY, a collective of two Dutch artists Mireille Tap and Brieke Drost.

During the week of their residency, Syzygy will adapt their project Body Tide which they are currently researching and developing in Leuven. For the SEA Foundation, SYZYGY will translate the installation in conjunction with the solidarity screening event VAEFE edition II.

Body Tide

The the­me ​Body Tide” refers to the rhythmic and cyclic natu­re of the natu­ral pro­ces­ses to which we instinc­ti­ve­ly sur­ren­der our­sel­ves as human beings. Our bre­a­thing, heart­beat, slee­ping and waking all move along with the world around us. Recognizing the­se repe­ti­ti­ons makes us rea­li­ze that our body is an orga­nism that moves along with its environment.

Awareness of our recur­ring tides is rela­ted to our abi­li­ty to feel. The sen­sa­ti­on of soft tou­ches makes us awa­re of our phy­si­ca­li­ty in which the cyclic pro­ces­ses take pla­ce. Ageing and meno­pau­se are natu­ral pro­ces­ses in a body that are often sup­pres­sed or left uns­po­ken. By appro­a­ching natu­ral cycles with open­ness and under­stan­ding, we can redu­ce sha­me and judg­ment and expe­rien­ce a more inclu­si­ve and sup­por­ti­ve environment.

Syzygy collective bio

Syzygy is the artist col­lec­ti­ve of Mireille Tap and Brieke Drost. They repre­sent two gene­ra­ti­ons joi­ning for­ces to claim their posi­ti­on as fema­le art pro­fes­si­o­nals. Syzygy advo­ca­tes for int­ui­ti­ve, gent­le, vul­ne­ra­ble strength and embra­ces soli­da­ri­ty. For each pro­ject, they invi­te one or more artists to col­la­bo­ra­te with them. This means that the com­po­si­ti­on of the col­lec­ti­ve varies per pro­ject. Brieke and Mireille sha­re a focus on the tac­ti­li­ty of mate­ri­als that enti­ces the vie­wer to come clo­ser. The invi­ting gestu­re is an essen­ti­al part of their approach.

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