A part of the way: together with Thorsten Baensch


A part of the way: together with Thorsten Baensch

 Drawing and collage from a big sketchbook, 2006, Thorsten Baensch. Photo credits: Thorsten Baensch

26.05 – 09.07


from 7:00 pm – 22:00 pm

at SEA Foundation
Tivolistraat 22, Tilburg

Exhibition opening times
Thu-Sat 1-5 pm
(or by appointment)



This project is part
of SEA Foundation’s longer-term
research on art and sustainability
in fold #04 on No hurry




Always on the move,
slowly but steadily
and without haste.
A part of the way: together
with Thorsten Baensch

He is never in a hurry, and he takes his time. Thorsten Baensch has been working on his library of unique books for many years. These one-of-a-kind pieces are part of an ongoing attempt to document and record the passing of time. His drawing books are long-time companions and chroniclers of the last four decades. Some of these large books (with hundreds of pages) are now on display in the exhibition at SEA Foundation and can be “read” and carefully leafed through by the public.

In addition, Thorsten shows a series of paintings that are contemplative and colourful. They are an invitation to discover one’s own pace and dream landscapes. The book VON-ORT-ZU-ORT is also present in the exhibition and can be read. Parts of this book are exhibited: the maps of the walking tour from Brussels to Hamburg (via Eindhoven and Achterhoek). These are joined by a few surprise items. The exhibition is intended to stimulate and give an insight into the multifaceted and interdependent work of the artist Thorsten Baensch: painter, draughtsman, bookmaker, traveller, and curious communicator.

Since 1995, his project BARTLEBY & CO. has been a haven for making possible the most unusual artists’ book projects in collaboration with many authors, experts, graphic designers, and artists. Take your time for this exhibition.

Thorsten Baensch

Thorsten Baensch was born in 1964 in Heide (Holstein, DE). He grew up in Hamburg, and after his training as a bookseller, he worked for several years in a renowned art book publishing house in Munich and in New York. In 1990 he moved to Brussels for love and studied painting at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts until 1995. In the year of his graduation, he began his (artistic) publishing activities. He occasionally teaches at various art colleges in Belgium, Germany, and France.

Website Thorsten Baensch

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