FAQ for AiR Tilburg residents

Frequently Asked Questions

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Artist An Onghena asking a question to our previous resident, Yelena Popova


Safety is always important. Therefore we would like to ask our residents to follow these guidelines during their residency:

  1. Take good care of keys entrusted to you.
  2. Please always keep the front door locked.
  3. In case of an emergency, call 112.
  4. In case of a lesser issues, call 0900-8844.
  5. Should the fire alarm go off, please proceed to the exits in a calm and orderly fashion.
  6. In case of problems, defects or breakages please notify the staff immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application procedure

Q: How can I apply for a residency?
A: Fill in and sign the appropriate application form, and send a digital version to us via WeTransfer, using the email info@seafoundation.eu. You can download the application form here. Please make sure to check if you have all the required documents included, as incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Q: I am a curator/art critic. Am I still eligible for this residency?
A: Yes, you are eligible. Although we use the term “Artist in Residency” as a label for our program, we very much welcome curators, art critics, and writers to apply for our residency program as well.

Q Who is eligible to apply for the residency programme?
A: Our residency programme is open to contemporary art-related professionals, regardless of gender, or stage of their career, for example:

  • Visual artists or artists with a hybrid or cross discipline practice.
  • Curatorial art practices, researching, concepting, executing of curatorial projects or network enlargement needs.
  • Writers, literary writers, playwrights, choreographers, poets, composers, art theorists, and art critics.

You are not eligible if:

  • You are still enrolled as a student (BA and MA).
  • You are under the age of 25.
  • You are a journalist, rather than an art critic.

Q: What are the application deadlines?
A: The Open Call for a residency and the fellowships starts at 01-09-2018 and closes at 15-10-2018.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?
A: Questions about the Open Call for our residency programme, or about SEA Foundation in general, can be asked via the email info@seafoundation.eu. Please only call us with questions that are not addressed here. You can also call us via the number +31 (0) 13 544 44 95.

Q: When can I expect to hear the results of my application?
A: We strive to give you the result of your application around the 1st of November 2018. Please keep in mind that this date might change, since the time which our jury needs to assess each of the applicants may fluctuate.

Q: Can I make an appeal if I am not selected for a residency?
A: The decision of our jury is final. There is no correspondence about the results possible.

Q: When do I make a deposit of € 450,-
A: After your have been admitted and the details and dates of your residency are agreed upon, we invoice the deposit of € 450,-. The full amount will be returned to you at the end of your residency minus costs, within 14 days of your departure.

Q: Can I withdraw from a residency after I have been selected?
A: You can, but please keep in mind that by doing so, you will permanently forfeit your place within the residency programme of that year, and we will not always refund the full € 450,-. If you cancel more than four months before the start of your residency, the full payment including the deposit will be refunded minus the non-refundable administration costs of € 50 euro. If you cancel less than four months before the start of your residency, we will refund 50% of the payment. In case of an urgent reason, a full refund can be requested, but it will only be granted under very special circumstances.



Q: Can my partner stay as well?
A: Your partner can stay as well, but this will cost an additional € 90,- per week.

Q: Can I bring a pet?
A: You cannot bring any pets during your residency.

Q: Can I bring any visitors during my residency?
A: Visitors are always welcome during your residency. Just make sure to timely notify the coordinator of the programme, and make sure you keep the front door locked after you let them in.

Q: Are all of my traveling costs covered?
A: SEA Foundation will reimburse a retour ticket, 2nd-class of off-peak hours, but any additional traveling expenses made during the residency must be paid by the resident.

Q: Can I get a refund for any incidental or unforeseen costs I make during my residency?
A: Under normal circumstances, any additional costs must be paid by the resident. If a resident has been selected for a fellowship, additional costs will be covered up to a maximum of € 8645,-.

Q: Do I need any additional insurance during my residency?
A: It is the responsibility of the resident to have a suitable insurance. Therefore we strongly advise our residents to acquire a suitable health, travel, and liability insurance before the start of their residency.

Q: What’s the closest Airport?
A: The closest airport to Tilburg is Eindhoven Airport. Public transport from Eindhoven Airport to Tilburg is very frequent. Schiphol Amsterdam airport is easy to get to by train. Brussels airport Zaventem can be reached by bus.


Q: Are there any house rules that I need to be aware of?
A: SEA Foundation values environmental awareness and durability. Therefore we ask our residents to use additional materials sparingly, in order to reduce waste. Any of the waste which we produce, like paper, glass, plastic, and organic waste must be sorted for recycling. Please put them in the corresponding containers and follow the guidelines. Finally, the wastewater is treated in a water treatment plant. So please take care to never discharge paints and fluids that can harm aquatic organisms into the drain. You can find a full description of our house rules here.

Q: Am I allowed to smoke during my stay?
A: You are allowed to smoke in the garden, but we kindly ask that you to refrain from smoking inside any of the buildings, as this is prohibited. Please do not throw any of the cigarette buds into the garden either, but dispose them in the gray bin in the garden.

Q: Am I allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during my stay?
A: You are allowed to, but keep in mind that the abuse of alcohol (or drugs) will result in the immediate termination of your residency.

Q: Can I get a refund for any damage caused to my work or equipment during my stay?
A: SEA Foundation is not liable for any damages to your equipment or works, nor will we refund any injury which occurs during the residency. For this reason we strongly advise our residents to acquire a suitable health, travel, and liability insurance before the start of their residency.

Q: What should I do in case of an emergency?
A: In case of emergency you can call the alarm number 112. In case of a lesser issue, you can call 0900-8844. Should the fire alarm go off, please proceed to the exits in a calm and orderly manner. In case of problems, defects or breakages, please notify the staff immediately.

Q: What are my transport options if I want to explore the city?
A: If you wish to casually explore Tilburg and its surroundings, we have a bike for you available. Our residence is within walking distance of the train and bus station.

Q: Is breakfast included?
A: Breakfast is indeed included. If you have any allergies, just make sure you’ve timely notified the residence coordinator, then we will take this into consideration whenever we do the groceries.

Q: Are towels and bed linen available?
A: These are both available and your own responsibility to keep clean. When you want to use the washing machine and the laundry products please notify housekeeping whenever you want to use these facilities.