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Unlocked/Reconnected 2020

01.06 – 01.09

SEA Foundation’s contribution
is 24/7 on view





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SEA Foundation participates in Unlocked/Reconnected a Dutch nationwide collective exhibition. Museums, galleries, artists’ initiatives, and corporate collections rejoice and celebrate the restart of public cultural life on 01.06.2020; a meaningful moment for many. Unlocked/Reconnected brings together a wide range of artworks and aims to reflect collectively on what a Home is.

Solidarity sprouted the idea for a collaborative group show, Unlocked/Reconnected. The exhibition stretches across the whole of the Netherlands and each participating institution presents a work that connects the past to the future.


Unlocked/Reconnected stems from a sense that opening up our home, in the aftermath of the Corona lockdown, forces us to reconsider our outlook on what has been taken from the world as a whole and individuals. In particular, Unlocked/Reconnected underlines the importance of art and culture in this time of inevitable changes.

Unlocked/Reconnected is initiated by Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam, and Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague.

Thomas Braida (IT 1982)
z.t. 2016
Mixed media

Braida’s oeuvre is best described as an articulated bombardment of dark stories, depicted in a diversity of materials and paint. The work shown by SEA Foundation is a mask from 2016. For this mask, Braida used tin, oil paint, and canvas. The assemblage is characterized by a great contrast in material, color, and texture which is expressed in the combination of dark painted canvas and hand bent white metal ring with colored bands that resembles a lid of a biscuit tin.

For Braida, 2016 was a year of transition. A year in which he established his name as an artist in Italy and the USA. Although his works to date often have a demonic or destructive charge, his work has certainly become more light-hearted since 2016. Partly due to the recognition, he so deservedly gained, Thomas Braida was able to step over the indefinable feeling of the imminent threat of the future. Braida’s work in Unlocked/Reconnected symbolizes becoming and the power of imagination that can arise from the indefinable. The work reflects on how the world reveals itself to us. In case we perceive the world being just black or white, it will offer us emptiness, instead of the appreciation of many-fold shades, shapes, and colors in-between.

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