Valeria Ceregini  | Curator in Residence

Valeria Ceregini Curator in Residence from Italy

 Colm Mac Athaloich, Travelling without moving, 2017, curated by Valeria Ceregini (install shot). Image Courtesy the artist.

AiR Tilburg

Valeria Ceregini

Valeria Ceregini is an Italian art historian, curator, art critic and writer for exhibition catalogs, art magazines, and blogs. She earned her degrees in Semiotics at the University of Turin and in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa to continue her studies in Museology attending the Postgraduate School of Historical Artistic Heritage.

Her curatorial practice is focused on the etymological meaning of curator, as who “takes care” of artists’ art and exhibition. In this way, she recognises in the curator role a pivotal figure trying to emphasize artistic works through a complex area of research. Her own curatorial signature is recognisable in each of her projects or written essays because she always uses her humanistic studies such as semiotics methods to analyse art works and Renaissance art and literature to relocate the contemporary art context.

Object of the residency

During her residency at SEA Foundation, Valeria will examine the relationships between abstract art and narrative via an investigative methodology. In addition, she will organise an exhibition with artists from Tilburg and surroundings. In order to realise this, she is going to visit local exhibitions and meet artists. At the end of her residency, she will have enriched her personal curatorial practice through a clearer view of local art and social-historical context.


Valeria Ceregini has a master degree in Communication Sciences (University of Turin, Italy) and in History of Art (University of Genoa, Italy). She continued her studies attending Postgraduate School of Historical Artistic Heritage (University of Genoa, Italy).

As an independent curator she manages exhibitions for several international art galleries and she has also been collaborating in artists’ archive projects such as editor curator. She worked on the last edition book of Piero Gilardi, an international Italian artist, La mia biopolitica (Ed. Prearo, Milan, 2016): a collection of writings about his past and contemporary art activism.

Recently, she was curator and writer-in-residence at Pallas Projects/Studios (Dublin, Ireland) where she interviewed their artists-in-residence and artists belonging to the Irish community in order to write critical essays, some of which where published in VAN – The Visual Artist News’ Sheet of Ireland. Moreover, from 2015 Valeria has been a regular contributor to several contemporary Italian art magazines such as Juliet and Segno.

Valeria Ceregini curates Beyond the painting, (12.05.2018 – 10.06.2018) an exhibition that concentrates on abstract art. For this show, she brought together five female Dutch painters whom she got to know during her Curatorial residency at SEA Foundation

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SEA Foundation Curator Artist Writer in residence programm, AiR Tilburg, The Netherlands
Valeria Ceregini | Curator in Residence | SEA Foundation 2017
SEA Foundation Curator Artist Writer in residence programm, AiR Tilburg, The Netherlands