Winter break

Winter break SEA Foundation


2021 –




Happy holidays!

Thank you funders, volunteers, peers, visitors, neighbours, family, donors and friends – close and far – for the good energy and for supporting our work this past year. Disturbance, hope and togetherness were the buzzwords. Indeed, 2021 was a very turbulent and challenging year


“Can people live without art? Is art as essential as food? Is art a privilege or is it taken for granted?” These questions are in sharp focus as humanity witnesses a mutating virus and that exhausts willingness to share.
In addition climate change is profound and the awareness of resource depletion is getting under our skin. We still continue to blindly produce unnecessary and superfluous products. Moreover, the abuse of natural abundance of resources by the few and the consequent precarity for most is damaging our collective and individual futures in many ways and beyond our imagination. Our planet, our home of generous giving, is very vulnerable. In fact, it is impossible to predict whether our earth will be able to restore itself to a symbiotic healthy balance.

Even though the numbers of victims of the pandemic continue to mount, we pluck up the courage to speak about Happiness in a new fold and in doing so we long for fearless imagination, uncompromising inclusiveness. We call for awareness, skillful maintenance and care. We are dedicated to working towards a sustainable and inclusive society as a whole.


We are seeking support for our programming and ongoing operational costs. In case you have room in your budget please donate, or buy a gift from our shop. with exclusive reasonably prices artist’s books, editions and awesome works of art.


Artist in residence Alex Farrar will continue his project and research on aspects of Happiness. The artist invites you, also over this holiday break, to become his conversation partner and talk with him in person about your Happiness. Please contact him at alex.farrar (-)

Welcome 2022
Let us collaborate and unite.

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Michaela, Melissa, Yael
Nieke, Snow, Riet, Martje,
Alex and Jan Willem