Winter break

Winter break SEA Foundation

2020 –


Enjoying time off


Happy holidays!

Thank you funders, volunteers, peers, visitors, neighbours, family, donors and friends – close and far – for the good energy and support. This is the era of Zoom, and being invited via the computer camera into private homes and to kitchen table talks. Disturbance, motivation, and togetherness were the buzzwords. 2020 Certainly was a challenging and very turbulent year.

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We are navigating these uncertain times as best we can. SEA Foundation t00, like many other cultural institutions, face financial challenges. We are seeking support for our programming and ongoing operational costs. Please donate, or buy a gift from our shop. Here you find exclusive artist’s books and editions at a very reasonable price, but also unique works of art. Please support art and artists.

24/7 On view

During the Winter break, the work of Risja Steeghs who takes part in the regional artist’s program WARP will be on show in our vitrine. Please pass by and enjoy.

Have a great Christmas and a Joyful 2021
Sea you at the other side!

SEA Foundation
Michaela, Sooij, Julia,
Remo, Kohar, Riet, Martje
and Jan Willem