Winter break

Winter break SEA Foundation


2022 –




Happy holidays!

Thank you funders, volunteers, peers, visitors, neighbours, family, donors, and friends – close and far – for the good energy and for supporting our work this past year. Disturbance, hope, and togetherness were the buzzwords. Indeed, 2022 was a very turbulent and challenging year


“Can people live without art? Is art as essential as food? Is art a privilege or is it taken for granted?” These questions are in sharp focus as humanity witnesses wars in which civilians pay with their lives, and rampant mutating viruses, evasive digital entities, dictating algorithms, food- and care shortages dominate daily life. Climate change is acute and the awareness of resource depletion is getting under our skin. Capitalism might have brought short-lived prosperity but in its single-minded pursuit of shareholders’ value, it destabilizes society. In many ways and beyond our imagination the abuse of natural resources by the few and the consequent precarity for most is damaging our collective and individual futures. Our planet, our home of generous giving, is vulnerable.

In fact, it is impossible to predict whether our earth will be able to restore itself to a symbiotic healthy balance. At SEA Foundation we are on a quest not to find paths and answers to the above, but to unfold connectivity on a human scale to art and sustainability. 2023 Marks the third year of our long-term project, and currently we work in fold #06 focussing on Re-imagining, followed by folds #07 and #08 Solidarity and Empowerment respectively.

In a giving mood?

Yes please! …. we are seeking support for our programme and residencies. In case you have room in your budget please donate, or buy a gift from our shop with exclusive yet very reasonably priced artist’s books, editions, and awesome small works of art.

Welcome 2023
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