Writer in residence

At SEA Foundation we are dedicated to contemporary art and this also includes writing about art. What is this hook-up with writing? As you see, this message comes to you in writing too. In our view, writing and art are essentially intertwined. Making one’s mind up about art and writing about art, is addressing the world of words about sensory inputs. In other words, writing about art is a challenge with extraordinary features attached.

Writing and art

The saying is “An image can tell a thousand words”. So who voices their direction, underlines purpose, and meaning about what is seen in the image? The writer does. We support writers who want to research contemporary art and in particular the arts and culture climate in our region.

Retreat: Duration up to 1 month. We pay tribute to writers and writing in connection to contemporary art. We offer writers who want to develop new or existing ideas, to work on an upcoming publication, novel or essay the opportunity to do so in a tranquil and inspiring environment. This is a self-funded option.

Fully stipended residency for writers: Duration 2 weeks. To internationally disseminate knowledge about the dynamics of the contemporary art scene in Noord-Brabant, we offer every year two places to ‘art writers’. We invite them to research and explore a theme, or discover new lines in the setting of the local contemporary art scene and publish in a magazine or a blog about their findings.

For Whom

The – AiR Tilburg – Writer in Residence program facilitates art critics, cultural theorists, as well as research-orientated writers with an interest in writing that is connected to contemporary art.

Grants and Stipends

Depending on the funds available, SEA foundation offers funding for residencies. We always encourage admitted residents to apply for additional funds. Preceding the residency we offer assistance in finding funds and we provide a letter of invitation on request.

Additional information on residencies

Prepare for your stay at AiR Tilburg
Residency preparations
When you come well prepared, you’ll enjoy your Artist in Residency and dedicated work time at SEA foundation even more.
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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FAQ for AiR Tilburg residents
If you have a question regarding the residency program or the application procedure, there’s a good chance you will find the answer here.
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Previous Residents

Cem A. and Jina Khayyer | Curators in residence
Residents from the UK and France
July 2023
Curator and artist Cem A. and poet and writer Jina Khayyer welcome a diverse group of artists and researchers to SEA Foundation to dialogue about Solidarity and the Mesopotamian diaspora.  
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Empowerment, or acts that make us tremble again | by Giulia Damiani
Giulia Damiani on Empowerment
January 2024
Artist, writer and teacher, Giulia Damiani, is looking on the empowerment through the practice of performance and collective imagining.
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Riikka Thitz | Lunch talk and studio visits
Riikka Thitz | Curator from Finland
November 2023
Riikka Thitz is a curator of contemporary performance and visual arts from Finland. She explores forms of public presentation of visual and performing arts as well as their overlaps. Lunch talk and studio visits.
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Aylime Asli Demir | Lunch talk and studio visits
Aylime Asli Demir | Curator from Turkey
October 2023
Aylime Aslı Demir has been curating exhibitions for KAOS GL and established the international Ankara Queer Art Residency in Ankara.
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Mucho Mas! | Lunch talk and studio visits
Curators from MUCHO MAS! present their space, curatorial lines as well as previous and upcoming projects and current personal interests. Following the talk there is a lunch.
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Cas-co Leuven x SEA Foundation Tilburg | Collaboration
April – October 2023
Two leading art institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium create together opportunities for artists to work and exchange ideas across borders with financial support of  Grensverleggers “De Buren”
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Madyha J. Leghari | Reimagining language
Madyha J. Leghari | Reimagining language
Madyha J. Leghari’s practice revolves around ‘silences created by the failures of language’. Language is a remarkably efficient but slippery tool. It contains both awe-inspiring latent possibility and promises of its own failure.
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Maartje Wortel
Goudvissen en Beton
Book launch. Maartje Wortel Writer in Residence, she stayed at SEA Foundation and was invited by TiLT festival Tilburg 2016
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Annelies Verbeke
Book launch of the short story “Vogeltjes” Verbeke wrote as Writer in Residency at SEA Foundation in 2015 at TiLT festival Tilburg
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Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer
Van Weemoed naar de Nacht
Book Launch. Short story Pfeijffer wrote as Writer in Residency at SEA Foundation when invited by TiLT festival Tilburg
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