Beyond the Painting | year 2018

In the exhibition ‘Beyond The Painting’, an emerging Italian curator from Turin, Valeria Ceregini, presents five contemporary Dutch female artists. What unites these five painters is that they all work in abstraction. In the exhibition, Ceregini wants to highlight precisely this aspect of contemporary painting and show how lively and beloved abstract painting still is as a means and a medium. This show is built around the bold statements of a collection of five art practices concerning the female abstract voice of two generations. Despite their diversity, together they make a strong presentation, and proclaim a serene contemporary eloquence.

Publication produced by SEA Foundation for the occasion of the exhibition, ‘Beyond the Painting’

Text: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Marijn Dekkers, Tamara Derksen
Graphic Design: Jens Standke
Print: Drukkerij HABE Tilburg
Paper: Biotop 90 grs and 150 grs
Number of pages: 42 pages
Binding: hand-tied
Year of publication: 2018
Edition: 50 numbered

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