Thomas Braida – Toads swallow fireflies, the Gods eat everything

The mythical of Braida’s work becomes clear in his portrayal of anthropomorphic creatures. These human-like creatures are bestial, sometimes caricatures, and sometimes threatening. The animal-heads are as masks, that conceal the true person. In order to make the connection with the psychological background of symbolism, it is not far fetched to simultaneously regard these masks as mirrors that reveal man’s true nature.

Thomas Braida’s solo exhibition  Toads swallow fireflies, the Gods eat everything is accompanied by an artist book which consist of a combined catalogue and textbook. The publication is a limited edition, which features a reflection on Braida’s work by art and culture scholar Robert Proost (Tilburg University). The catalogue and the text book are designed by a Eindhoven Design Academy graduate, Korean Jinhee Kwon.

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Text: Robert Proost
Translation: Heleen Klomp
Design: Jinhee Kwon
Curator: Riet van Gerven

In two sections: catalogue and textbook,
Text: bilingual NL and EN
Pages: 2x 24 pages
Dimensions: 12x19cm
Edition: 30 copies

Price: 9 euro (excluded postage NL 2,20 euro)