Simon Carter – Paintings

Accompanying the exhibition Simon Carter Paintings, SEA Foundation presents a catalogue and textbook. The publication is also digitally published on ISSUU.

Simon Carter (1961) has dedicated himself to painting the landscape in his immediate surroundings. The contemporary paintings of Simon Carter stand in a tradition of well known British landscape painters like John Constable and William Turner. Carter paints the coastal region around Frinton-on-Sea, the place where he was born and bred. On foot, with the sketchbook and black crayons at hand, Carter explores surrounding nature extensively. He portrays his beloved muse, the sea and draws and paints his other muses, the swampy marshlands, the meandering creeks with brackish water, grey mud pools and cumbersome vegetation. The artist calls for attention to the landscape by presenting a chosen scene which is first filtered and isolated through observation and sketching.

Chapbook in two sections: catalogue and textbook, bilingual (NL/EN)
Pages: 2 x 24 pages, bound by hand
Dimensions: 12 x 19cm
Edition: 30 copies, signed and numbered
Text and poem: Robert Proost
Translation Heleen Klomp
Design: Yanda Li and Weiran...


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