My Mothers’ Daughter

My Mothers’ Daughter
Edition: 59
Design: Elena Lupoiu
Text: Julia Fidder
Editing: Riet van Gerven
Curator: Julia Fidder

Dimensions: approx. 15 x 20 x 2 cm

From 29.01 – 23.04.2021, the exhibition My Mother’s Daughter highlighted the Mother-Daughter theme from a Western, feminine perspective. All participating artists are Western and therefore have a Western experience and perception of ‘mother’, which is reflected in their work. There is a difference between men and women and their relationship with their mothers. For example, Jane Flax writes about the mother-daughter relationship: “Differentiation is a central issue for women because of the special character of the mother-daughter relationship. (…) the development of women’s core identity is threatened and impeded by an inability to differentiate from the mother.” This problem only distinguishes Flax in mother-daughter relationships and not in mother-son relationships.

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