One day you will grow back your thumb | Chantal Rens, Tamara Turliun & Andriy Liashcuk

Artists: Chantal Rens, Tamara Turliun, Andriy Liashchuk
Curator: Maria Vtorushina
Design: Chantal Rens, Jinhye Lee
Edition: 1st edition, 500 copies

Leporello, Kyiv/Tilburg, 2022

On February 24 2022, Russia started a terroristic phase of a war against Ukraine. After the bombardment of Kyiv, artists Tamara Turliun and Andrey Liaschuk started to produce wooden birds to sell to support Ukrainian defenders. In April, Andrey cut off his thumb while crafting. Tamara and Andrey made the first prosthetic for him from found objects. On May 6, they got in touch with Chantal Rens, an artist based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. What follows is this dialogue, guided by objects, randomly found by the artists. It’s about the strong will and effort to live through loss; about hope and support. The leporello book was launched as part of the exhibition program From the Battlefield curated by Maria Vtorushina.

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