Giel Louws – Shape and Form

At the occasion of the opening of the solo-exhibition Shape and Form; Giel Louws, a small catalogue and textbook. The black and white version is digital published on ISSUU.

The contrast between Louws’ early figurative work and his present exhibited paintings, stress that abstraction does not always lead to indistinctness. Precisely because there is no representation of a story or situation, makes the abstract works hit you even harder. The materials, colours and compositions speak for themselves, without distracting the viewer by a possible situation that the work might represent.

Chapbook in two sections: catalogue and textbook, bilingual (NL/EN)
Pages: 2 x 24 pages
Dimensions: 12 x 19cm
Edition: 30 copies, signed and numbered
Text: Robert Proost
Translation: Heleen Klomp
Design: Jinhee Kwon
Curator: Riet van Gerven

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