Bram Braam & Alex Baams – Mobile

At the occasion of the opening of the duo-exhibition Mobile; Alex Baams and Bram Braam, SEA Foundation presents a small catalogue and textbook. Both have been digitally published on ISSUU.

Upon entering the exhibition space, Bram Braam and Alex Baams did not know each other. The contrast between them could not be bigger: a figurative painter opposites a builder of architectonic installations. Materials, methods, choices of subject and levels of abstraction are different. Still, the surface needed to be barely scratched to discover kinship as sharing the same exhibition space is not accidental.

In two sections: catalogue and textbook, bilingual (NL/EN)
Pages: 2×24 pages
Dimensions: 12x19cm
Edition: 30 copies, signed and numbered
Text: Robert Proost
Translation: Heleen Klomp
Design: Jinhee Kwon
Curator: Riet van Gerven


Website Bram Braam
Website Alex Baams
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