Timotheus Tomicek | Half a Life

How can we understand our human life in relation to the time ticking away? And what does it mean to document that which we cannot literally see? By introducing conflicting notions of time and spatiality, artist Timotheus Tomicek offers insight into the cultural collapse and crisis of linear time structures.

For his 2018 solo show Half a Life (2018), curated by Eline Kersten at SEA Foundation, Tomicek took the mathematical concept t1⁄2 as a way to understand the world as a whole, responding to the concept of half-life. Aiming to visualise the immaterial, the works shown exceeded measurements of time and place, and examined the fragmented reality of both elements.

Poster: Half a Life
Edition 46
Size: A3
Printed: recto-verso
Design: Timotheus Tomicek
Text: Eline Kersten

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Timotheus Tomicek, Half a Life

A3 Poster for his exhibition Half a Life (SEA Foundation, 2018), curated by Eline Kersten

Limited edition