Jon Tarry | Catching the Moment

The images in Jon Tarry’s series Catching the Moment are records of a number of locations seen during The Artist in Residency at SEA Foundation (AiR Tilburg). Present in each image is a crumpled piece of paper, digitally edited into the picture as if it is almost coincidentally passing the lens.

Serving as potential, the piece of paper is a starting point of possibilities for unknown destinations, or as Terry states:

“A sheet of crumpled paper is carried through the air. The inscribed may be an itinerary, a shopping list, a poem, notes of a musical score, a parking infringement, a love letter, artist brief, set of instructions, or completely blank. The papers flight path is indeterminate, where it lands is unknown.” 

Catching the Moment raises the question: Was the moment witnessed or is there more than meets the eye?

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Catching the Moment is a fascinating black and white photography edition that Jon Tarry made while in being Artist Residence at SEA Foundation in 2019. In this work, Jon Tarry metaphorically ask questions about the course of our experiences, and how something takes shape within time and space.

Special edition
Comes in a box
12 x A3 Black and white
Printed digitally on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 grams.
Text and signed by Jon Tarry 2019
Edition of seven