Lucandrea Baraldi | Experiential Landscapes

Lucandrea Baraldi | Artist in Residence

Italian Artist Experiential Landscape #0, Lucandrea Baraldi

Lucandrea Baraldi, Experiential Landscapes

March – June
Artist in Residence
Lucandrea Baraldi
from Italy, based in Eindhoven


AiR Tilburg

Lucandrea Baraldi

Lucandea Baraldi is an experiential/conceptual designer and narrative curator at ‘We Are’ Foundation. He is Italian but based in Eindhoven. He is intrigued by the invisible layers through which we interpret the space around us such as sensoryscapes, cognitivescapes, emotionscapes, historyscapes, socioscapes, memoryscapes, and symbolscapes. Through material and theoretical research, he investigates how these landscapes endlessly intertwine in order to establish personal relationships between people and their surroundings.

Lucandrea Baraldi studied Visual Communication at the A. Venturi Art Institute (IT) and graduated cum laude in 2010. After a short period at the London Metropolitan University (UK), BA Product and Furniture Design, he continued his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), Man and Leisure, where he, in 2016 also graduated cum laude.

‘I believe that design has the power to inject meaning. Our homes, cities, and environment should become museums yet, not of dry beautiful objects, but meaningful experiences. The interaction between one and its surroundings should not result in a merely functional activity; people need to live in emotional, sensorial and cultural landscapes.’

Experiential landscapes

Lucandrea stresses the fact that experiential design is a human-centred practice. But more than a field in itself, he sees it as a tool. What is a chair? What is a sculpture? What is a fictional world? If we go to the essence of this, they can be all analyzed as human experiences.

‘When one focuses on the fact that the receiver of a creative work is a human, it becomes clear that in order to convey and nourish any sort of meaning, one needs to be aware of the experiential value of their creative decisions.’

“Experiential Landscapes” is a model that Lucandrea developed over the years by borrowing analytical methods from the natural sciences, drawing a parallel between the ecology in a natural ecosystem and in an aesthetic object (or experiential ecosystem). The model of an experiential landscape is a pivotal point in his creative practice as an experiential designer and it is the object of the research that he wants to develop and extend during his residency at the SEA Foundation.

Work set

Lucandrea is currently working on an expansion and refinement of his model in order to turn it into a creative methodology. The result of this residency will ultimately take the form of an artistic experiential work set, in which the information will be presented in a multi-sensory, meta-textual way through tailored, archetypal experiences. The goal of this tool collection is to stimulate imagination, thus facilitating creativity regarding which experiential elements can be re-configured and choreographed.

Public outcome: Presentation of Experiential Atlas at DDW 2018

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Artist-in-residence SEA Foundation Netherlands Lucandrea Braraldi Resident 2018 from Italy
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